For Authors

There are two tiers of Author memberships, PIONEER and GOLD,

and one limited access just for the service of  SCRIPT EVALUATION.

Pioneer Author Members

Have the access to the Community to submit one subject or pilot at week to the Board Members forum. This plan provides an annual participation fee and allows to all authors to keep in touch with other professionals from all parts of the world. Pioneer Author Membership not allows the access to the Members area that include a worldwide Producers, Distributors, Agents, Managers and Investors, but depending of Author's visibility (followers/likes) they can be read or connected by the Industry Members.

We also encourage (but do not require) the purchase of at least one paid evaluation from our Readers.

Gold Author Members

Have the access to the Community to submit unlimited subjects or pilot to the Board Members forum. This plan include an Evaluation Script per month and allows to purchase others evaluation in the same month with a 20% discount.

Gold Author Members have the access to the Industries Members Area.

They can to get in touch to worldwide Producers.

* * * * *

Script Evaluation Members

Allows the limited access to the Community for one month and includes one script evaluation by our professional Script Readers. This plan can be purchased only once.

For Industry




Think Pig industry memberships are currently limited to working industry professionals as a Producer, including but not limited to Agency, Agents, Managers, and Financiers.

It is important that we limit Industry Membership to those whose can materially advance a Author's career or individual project. 


Industry memberships are approved by our team personally. In most cases you will receive a notification about your application within a few weeks, if not sooner.

In any case feel free to submit your request at: